New adjournment request form to help parties

Announcement - 8 February 2019

NCAT's Consumer and Commercial Division has developed a new PDF-fillable form to help parties request an adjournment. 

 Adjournment request (Consumer and Commercial Division) [PDF 66kB]

What is an adjournment?

An adjournment means that a party is asking NCAT to change the hearing to another date.

Before asking NCAT for an adjournment, parties must contact the other parties and ask if they agree to a change of hearing date.

The new adjournment request form helps parties follow the correct process and ensures they provide the necessary information to NCAT.

Note: NCAT will not agree to an adjournment unless there is a good reason to change the date, even if all parties agree.

For more information

Read the Consumer and Commercial Division Adjournment Guideline [PDF 66kB] for detailed information about adjournments.

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