Online hearing list FAQs

Frequently asked questions and answers about using NCAT’s searchable online hearing lists.

The information on this page applies only to cases in NCAT's Administrative and Equal Opportunity DivisionOccupational Division and Appeal Panel

How can I find the new online hearing lists? 

Visit the NCAT website homepage and click on the button labelled Today’s hearings. Then select the relevant Division to view the online hearing list.

Why can I only see today’s hearings? 

The default view of the NCAT online hearing lists is for today’s listings. If you want to view future or past hearings, you can easily search using the hearing list filters.

How do I search for past or future hearing lists?

Simply click on the ‘Date’ filter and select your chosen time period. 

Example of how to search using the date filter
Image: Example of how to search using the date filter

Why can’t I see Tribunal Member and hearing room details for future hearing lists? 

The details of the Tribunal Member (presiding officer) and hearing room will only display from 5pm on the day before the hearing.

Last updated:

28 Feb 2021

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