eServices is an online service for people currently resolving their dispute in NCAT's Consumer and Commercial Division.  It provides a simple, fast and secure way for you to connect with us online.

To access the following 'eServices' simply enter your file number and eNumber:

  • eConnect - Subscribe to receive notices of hearing, orders and correspondence by email.  Edit or update an email address previously provided.
  • Hearing details - Check details of your upcoming NCAT hearing including the hearing date, time and venue.
  • Rent arrears calculator - Work out the outstanding rent payable for a tenancy matter with this handy online calculator.


What is an eNumber?
eNumbers are unique customer identifiers allocated to each party to a NCAT Consumer and Commercial Division matter. eNumbers provide secure access to the eServices area of NCAT website.

How do I find my eNumber?
Your eNumber will be printed on NCAT correspondence and Notices of Hearing addressed to you. You can find it in the top right-hand corner below the NCAT file number.

Why have I received a new eNumber?
eNumbers are unique to your matter and your address. A new eNumber will be generated if you lodge a different application about another matter, or if you changed your address details in a current matter. NCAT will provide you with the new eNumber by post.

Why have I got the same eNumber as my flatmate?
Where multiple parties share a common address (e.g. J Bloggs & H Smith, 175 Castlereagh Street Sydney), a single eNumber will be issued (i.e. one eNumber number per party group, rather than per individual).

Where each party has their own postal address (and none of the addresses are the same as any other party) a separate eNumber will be issued for each party.

Where two (or more) parties originally shared a common address, and one (or more) of those parties move to their own address, a new eNumber would be generated and issued to each of the parties.

I regularly attend hearings at NCAT. Why do I have different eNumbers?
eNumbers are unique to each matter so if you are involved in multiple matters before NCAT, you will be assigned a unique eNumber for each matter.

I’m involved in a strata/residential community dispute. Why don’t I have an eNumber?
eServices is not currently available for residential community or strata and community schemes matters.


What is eConnect?
‘eConnect’ enables applicants, respondents and their representatives to receive notices of hearing and other NCAT-generated correspondence, including the Tribunal’s final orders by email. When subscribed to eConnect you will not receive correspondence via the post.

Who can subscribe to eConnect?
Most applicants and respondents can subscribe to eConnect to receive emailed notices of hearings, orders and other NCAT correspondence. Note: eConnect is not currently available for residential community or strata and community scheme matters.

Can I provide more than one email address?
Yes. You can provide up to 4 email addresses with eConnect.

What happens if I accidentally type in the wrong email address?
If you have provided an invalid email address, NCAT will be notified of an email delivery failure when the system attempts to email your notice/correspondence. NCAT Registry staff will contact you using other details provided on the application form or any other correspondence received from you.

How do I update my email address?
Log into eServices and click on the ‘Subscribe or update your email address’ link.  The screen will display all email addresses that you have previously provided. Change email addresses by clicking Edit and typing over the address. Delete an email address by clicking on Delete.

Can I unsubscribe from eConnect?
Log into eServices and click 'Unsubscribe from eConnect'. Tick the option ‘Do you want to unsubscribe?’ and press the Save button. Ticking this option will automatically opt you out of the eConnect service, and you will receive all future NCAT notices, orders and other correspondence by post.

Can I email my documents and attachments back to NCAT?
NCAT's system does not currently enable supporting material to be lodged electronically, i.e. by email. We are working on changes to enable this to happen in future. Please send your case-related documents by post or in person to a NCAT Registry.

Hearing details 

How can I check my hearing details?
Log into eServices with your file number and eNumber. Once logged in, the hearing details will automatically appear at the top of the screen. You will be able to view the date, time and location of your upcoming hearing.

If you are a NCAT Online ‘Frequent User’, log in and view the progress of your applications by clicking on the ‘Application Status’ link.

What is the hearing notes form? Do I need to complete it?
The ‘Hearing notes’ is a form used by NCAT in tenancy matters only. Property managers and agents for the landlord are generally asked to complete the front page of this upon arriving at the NCAT hearing.

If you are a property manager or agent, you can save time by completing the ‘Hearing notes’ form before you arrive at NCAT for your hearing.

Last updated:

08 Sep 2022

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