Uncollected goods

NCAT can hear and decide applications about goods that are uncollected, abandoned or left behind.

Uncollected goods disputes are managed through NCAT's Consumer and Commercial Division.

Uncollected goods are items left with someone who is not the owner. They include:

  • Items left for repair or treatment and the owner does not return to collect them.
  • Goods left behind or abandoned by a former tenant, occupant or resident.

NCAT can determine applications under the Uncollected Goods Act 1995 about the disposal of the goods and compensation to cover costs involved in repairing and storing the goods.

How to apply

Download and complete an application form. Lodge your application at any NCAT Registry Office or Service NSW Centre.


Fees are payable for uncollected goods applications. View our fees and charges.

What happens next

Uncollected goods applications are generally listed for conciliation and hearing. Check the correspondence or notices you receive from NCAT carefully and follow the instructions provided.

Read the hearing preparation checklist to prepare for your hearing. 

Orders NCAT can make

NCAT can make the a number of orders in uncollected goods cases, such as:

  • Removal or other disposal of the uncollected goods.
  • Delivery of the uncollected goods.
  • Sale of the uncollected goods. 
  • Payment of compensation.

Final orders made by NCAT are legally binding and enforceable. Learn more about enforcing NCAT orders.


The following legislation applies to uncollected goods disputes.

Organisations that can help

NCAT cannot provide legal advice. Find out how we can and cannot assist. Below are some organisations that can provide help or advice about your case.

Last updated:

08 Sep 2022

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