Occupational regulation

NCAT can review decisions by government agencies about licences for:

  • drivers and operators of taxis, buses, hire cars and tow trucks
  • security guards, builders, real estate agents, motor dealers and repairers, pawnbrokers and second hand dealers, stock and station agents, business agents, travel agents and licensed conveyancers
  • possessing and using firearms.

You should have received a letter from the government department or agency telling you of your right to have the decision reviewed by NCAT. 

If you are not sure NCAT can deal with your matter, please seek legal advice or check the legislation.

Legislation which gives jurisdiction

The decision by the government agency has to have been made under an Act which gives NCAT jurisdiction. Most licensing cases heard by NCAT relate to the following laws:

More information  

For more information about licensing matter see Steps in a licensing matter.