NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

​Sound recording and transcripts

Parties to proceedings or their legal representatives can request a copy of the sound recording.​​

Sound recordings are available for most NCAT hearings. Conciliation and mediation sessions are not recorded as they are confidential.​

NCAT does not generally provide hearing transcripts. Exceptions apply for certain matters.

Request a sound recording

To request a copy of the sound recording:

  1. Complete the​ Request for sound recording [PDF  97kB]
  2. Send the completed form with payment by email or post to your nearest NCAT Registry.

NCAT sound recordings are provided on a CD. You can listen to the recording on a computer using the speakers or headphones. You may also use a DVD or CD player that can play MP3 or WMA audio files.

How to arrange a tran​​​script

​To arrange for a transcript:

  1. Request a copy of the sound recording.
  2. Contact a transcription service to order a transcript of the sound recording provided by NCAT.

Finding a transcription service

There are many transcription services available in NSW.  Enter 'legal transcription service nsw​' into your web search engine to locate a service near you.​

Exceptions for certain matters

Transcripts are available for hearings in NCAT's Administrative & Equal Opportunity Division, Occupational Division or Appeal Panel where:

  • A transcript has been prepared at the request of a Member, or 
  • Part of the hearing was confidential and no sound recording is available. A transcript of the public part of the hearing can be ordered.​​

Sound recording and transcripts  

​Copyright of sound recordings and transcripts

Sound recordings and transcripts are subject to Crown Copyright. They must not be copied, published or uploaded to any website or social media platform. ​