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Guardianship Division

Guardianship Division fact sheets are available in the following categories.

The Guardianship Division

Fact she​​et ​PDF
​Role of the Guardianship Division  137kB
​Three separate organisations
​Providing information to the Guardianship Division
​Who can help you with your application  ​​82kB

Guardianship and financial management

​Fact sheet​​ ​ PDF
​Information for Applicants - Guardianship and financial management applications  171kB
​Information for Applicants - Request to review a guardianship order  112kB
​Information for Applicants - Review or revoke a financial management order
​ 115kB

Restrictive practices and guardianship
Restrictive practices and guardianship (Easy Read version)
​ 4.2MB
Guardianship hearings  118kB
Guardianship - What happens after the hearing
Guardianship - Review of guardianship orders ​ 121kB
Financial management hearings ​ 121kB
​Financial management - What happens after the hearing  120kB
​Financial management - Review or revoke financial management ​orders
​ 120kB
Making an application about yourself  118kB

Enduring guardianship and enduring power of attorney

For ​​information about appointing an enduring guardian or making an enduring power of attorney, visit the Planning Ahead Tools website​. ​​​

​Fact she​et ​ PDF
Review of an enduring guardianship appointment ​ 114kB
Review of an enduring power of attorney  143kB
​​Review revocation of an enduring power of attorney ​ 115kB

Consent to medical or dental treatment

​Fact sheet​ ​PDF
Consent to medical or dental treatment  146kB
​Consent to special treatment ​ 141kB
​Person responsible ​ 138kB
​Special consent for people under 16s  119kB
​Special medical treatment guidelines  ​119kB
​Clinical trials  133kB


​​Fact sheet ​PDF
​What to expect at a hearing ​ 119kB
​What to expect at a hearing (Easy Read version)  1.​0MB
Who is a party to proceedings in the Guardianship Division​ ​ 88kB
​Applying to be joined as a party  78kB
​Representation at the hearing ​ 113kB
​Separate representation  75kB
​​Decision timeframes in the Guardianship Division ​​ 65kB

Reviews and appeals

​Fact sh​​eet ​PDF
Reviews and appeals  124kB

Procedural Directions and Guidelines

Refer to our Procedural Directions and Guardianship Division Guidelines for guidance on specific issues that may arise during proceedings.

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