Access and support   

Guardianship Division

Select from the following topics to learn more about the accessible services and support available for parties involved in a Guardianship Division matter.

Wheelchair access

NCAT's Sydney premises at John Maddison Tower are wheelchair accessible. Lifts are taken from street level to the Guardianship Division reception located on Level 6. A manual wheelchair is available for people with mobility difficulties. 

NCAT ensures that all hearing venues outside Sydney used for Guardianship Division hearings are wheelchair accessible.

Contact NCAT before the date of the hearing if you have special requirements.​

Where can I drop off passengers with mobility restrictions?

A drop-off zone is available for Mobility Parking Permit holders in the Goulburn Street Carpark located on the corner of Goulburn and Elizabeth Street. Entry is via Goulburn Street. Permit holders may drop off passengers and drive out of the carpark without charge.​

Mobility bays are available on the left-hand side of the carpark entry. Usual parking rates apply. For details check the Goulburn Street Parking Station website​.

Lift access

Lifts at John Maddison Tower each have a maximum load of 1600kg and doorway width of 1010cm. 

Reception and waiting area

Report to the hearing attendant when you arrive at the Guardianship Division’s reception on Level 6. Seating is available for more than 20 people in the waiting area.


Accessible toilets for people with disabilities are available on each level of John Maddison Tower. NCAT ensures other hearing venues used for Guardianship Division hearings have toilets that are wheelchair accessible.

Hearing rooms

Guardianship Division hearings are centred around a large hearing table, with chairs on one side for the Tribunal Members and chairs set up for people attending the hearing on the other. The hearings are sound​ recorded.

Hearing loop facilities are available in hearing rooms. A portable hearing aid device (worn as earphones) is also available. If you or anyone else needs to use any of these devices, contact NCAT before the hearing.

Publications for people with disability

For more information on support and disability assistance at NCAT:

Image of brochure NCAT support for people with disability with hyperlink to brochure


PDF iconNCAT support for people with disability [PDF, 368kB]

Image of NCAT brochure 'Can you hear in the hearing room' which hyperlinks to the brochure


PDF iconCan you hear in the hearing room? 

[PDF, 449kB]