Financial management

NCAT can appoint a financial manager to manage the financial affairs of a person who is incapable of making their own decisions about their finances. Generally, NCAT only hears applications where there are no appropriate arrangements already in place or where an appropriate alternative to an application cannot be found.

In an application for financial management, NCAT may decide to appoint a private financial manager (family member or friend) or the NSW Trustee and Guardian.

What is financial management?

An application for financial management means you are asking NCAT to appoint someone as the financial manager for the person who is the subject of the application.

A financial manager has the authority to make decisions about financial affairs for someone who is incapable of making these decisions for themselves. Financial affairs refers to things such as operating bank accounts, paying bills, investing money, selling or buying property and includes legal affairs such as instructing a solicitor to act in legal proceedings.

What does NCAT consider in making a financial management order?

NCAT will only make a financial management order if:

  • the person is not capable of managing their affairs
  • there is a need for someone else to manage their affairs for them
  • it is in the person's best interests to have a financial management order
  • the person has assets in NSW.

What should you consider before making an application?

Does the person the application is about lack the capability to manage their financial affairs? Is there a need for another person to manage their affairs on their behalf? Are there any decisions that need to be made now that cannot be made by someone informally? 

For more information refer to Do you do need to apply?

The application form

Applications for financial management can be made by completing an application form and submitting it to NCAT's Guardianship Division.

Refer to the Information for Applicants - Application for appointment of a financial manager and/or appointment of a guardian [PDF, 66kB].

For further information contact the NCAT Guardianship Division’s enquiry service on 1300 006 228.