Guardianship Division

NCAT Guardianship Division forms are available in PDF-fillable format. For information about making an application to the Guardianship Division, please read our fact sheets.

Guardianship and financial management​

Form​​ ​PDF
Guardianship application​
​Request to review a guardianship order
​Appointed guardian statement

​Financial management application239kB
​Review or revoke a financial management order  213kB

Making an ​application about yourself

Information and support kits are available if you are making an application about yourself to the Guardianship Division.​

Enduring gu​ardianship and enduring power of attorney

Form​​ ​PDF
Review of an enduring guardianship appointment ​​ 266kB
​Review of an enduring power of attorney ​​ ​312kB
​​Review revocation of enduring power of attorney ​​ ​​230kB​​


Consent to medical or dental treatment​

​Form​​ PDF​
Consent to medical or dental treatment


Clinical trials

Form PDF​
​Approval of a clinical trial  ​​100kB


Health professional report forms

Form ​PDF
Health Professional Report Form​  169kB
​Health Professional Report Form for Special Treatment Applications ​​ ​​125kB

Interstate recognition

Form ​PDF
​Reco​gnition of interstate appointment  ​​186kB

​​​Other forms

Form​​ ​PDF
Request to withdraw Guardianship Division application
​Request to be joined as a party  101kB
​​Request for sound recording  97kB
NSW Statutory Declaration  ​​8kB


V​​​​isit the Summons page​ for access to summons forms and detailed information about applying for the issue of a summons.


​Visit the ​​​Ap​peals page for access to appeal forms and detailed information on appealing a decision to the NCAT Internal Appeal Panel.​​


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Completing PDF-fillable forms

To avoid losing work in progress, do not complete fillable forms online within your browser as data will not save. Save the form first to your computer and open with your PDF file viewer. To view PDF files download the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Appointment of enduring guardian

The following forms are available on the Planning Ahead Tools website:

Appointment of enduring

Revocation of appointment of enduring guardian

Notice of resig​nation as enduring guardian