NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

COVID-19 (coronavirus)

NCAT has made changes to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Before attending NCAT, read this important information about temporary changes to NCAT operations

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Decisions and orders

At the end of proceedings the Tribunal makes a final decision or orders. 

In most cases NCAT makes its decision at the end of the hearing. In some cases the Tribunal Member will 'reserve' their decision and a decision will be given at a later date.

Find a decision

A selection of NCAT decisions are published on the NSW Caselaw website.  Decisions can be viewed by Division:

Rights and obligations

When NCAT makes an order or decision that affects you, you have rights and obligations flowing from the order, such as:

  • You must comply with the NCAT order
  • Ask for a written statement of reasons
  • Appeal against the order
  • Have the orders set aside or changed
  • Enforcement options.

Legal costs

Parties are generally expected to pay their own costs when running a case at NCAT. 

NCAT may award costs in special circumstances. Section 60​ of the Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2013 governs NCAT's power to award costs​.

What happens if I missed the hearing?

If you were not at the hearing, enforceable orders may have been made in your absence. If you were the applicant and you missed the hearing and the application was dismissed, you may consider lodging a fresh application or applying for the decision to be set aside or varied. You will need to make an application to take this course of action.