Preparing for the hearing 

Information​ for Aboriginal people 

​How d​​o I get ready for the hearing?

To get a fair go at NCAT, you will need to do some homework before the hearing:

  • Write down a list explaining the problem you have with the other person
  • Get your documents  - things like quotes, receipts, invoices, bills, letters, a lease, statements and photos
  • Practice telling your story out loud and in front of friends
  • Find out what happens at NCAT by coming along to sit in on other hearings
  • Get some help or assistance if you need it.

What if I can't come to ​the hearing?

If you cannot go to the hearing, call NCAT straight away.  The hearing can be moved if you have a good reason.  You can also ask for a telephone hearing.

If you do not turn up to the hearing and you don't tell NCAT, orders can be made against you.

Can someone els​​e talk for me?

Yes, but you will need to ask NCAT first.  Before the hearing, write a letter to NCAT saying you want someone to speak for you and the reasons why.  You may also want to get some advice if you want to do this.

Write down the name of the person who is going to speak for you and sign the letter.

Can family a​​nd friends come along to the hearing?

Yes, bring anyone along for support at the hearing.  But, if they are going to talk for you make sure you ask NCAT first.