On the hearing day​​

Information for Aboriginal people 

​When you arrive at NCAT on the hearing day, you may be asked to sort out your problem by conciliation before going ahead with the hearing.

What is​​ conciliation?

Conciliation is where you and the other person talk to each other and try to work out your own solution.  You do not have to take part in conciliation but you should at least give it a go.

If you sort out the problem, the Tribunal Member will turn your agreement into an order.  If you cannot sort out the problem yourself there will be a hearing.

What is a hear​​​ing?

A hearing is where your problem will be sorted out by a Tribunal Member.

You will tell your side of the story and show your evidence.  The other person will then tell their side of the story and show their evidence.

The decisi​​on

After listening to both people, the Tribunal Member will make a decision which everyone has to follow and respect.

The orders will be either given to you straight after the hearing or posted to you at a later date.