Information for Aboriginal people

Consumer and Commercial Division

This section has information for Aboriginal people and organisations who want to learn more about how to resolve a dispute with NCAT's Consumer and Commercial Division.  Select from topics below to access information in this section:

What is N​​CAT?

NCAT is a place that can help you sort out problems about shopping, renting, home building or renovating and other things.  NCAT's Consumer and Commercial Division can make orders that things be fixed, money be paid back or renting problems be sorted out.  NCAT is a place where you can get a fair go.

Is NCAT the same as a court?

No, it is not like going to court as there are no lawyers, police or judges. NCAT is much more informal and encourages people to speak up for themselves.  You just tell NCAT in your own words what the problem is, and the other side will give their story.  The Tribunal Member then decides what is fair.

Where is NCAT located?

NCAT Consumer and Commercial registry offices are located in Sydney, Penrith, Liverpool, Newcastle, Tamworth and Wollongong.  Contact NCAT on 1300 006 228.  NCAT holds hearings at nearly 70 venues across the State so it is unlikely you will need to travel far for a hearing.