Information for Aboriginal people 

How do I apply to NCAT Consumer and Commercial Division?

You will need to fill in an appli​cation form.  There are different forms for different kinds of problems.​ You can get help choosing the right form and filling it out from NCAT or NSW Fair Trading staff.

Download an application form in PDF format or lodge your  application online.

How much does i​​t cost?

The fee will depend on the kind of application.  It is cheaper for concession card holders.  If you are having money problems you might not have to pay the fee.  Ask NCAT about this before lodging your application.

Find out how much NCAT's fees and charges are, or if you are eligible for the concession or reduce​​d fee.

Where do I lodge the application form?

Application forms can be lodged at any NCAT Registry, Service NSW Centre or Local Court in NSW.

What happens next?

After NCAT gets an application, a Notice of Hearing will be sent to you and the other person.  The notice tells you when you need to come to the NCAT hearing and where it will be held.

To get a fair go at NCAT it is important you turn up to the hearing.