​Applying to ​​​NCAT​

Consumer and Commercial Division 

To start proceedings at NCAT's Consumer and Commercial Division, an application form will need to be completed and lodged with the appropriate fee.

Applications can be completed and lodged online, by post or in person. 

You will need to provide the following information on your application form:

  • your name and contact details
  • the other party's name and contact details
  • the orders you want NCAT to make
  • your reasons why you want those orders made
  • sign and date the form and lodge with the appropriate application fee.

Information on the types of orders you can apply for can be found on the application form.

Online lodgement 

Applying online allows you to complete, lodge and pay for your application at your convenience, and in most cases receive an electronic notice of hearing and other correspondence.

Finding the respondent's correct details 

You must provide accurate details for the respondent, otherwise your application may be dismissed or any orders made may not be enforceable.  If your application is against an individual, give their full name, last known address and contact details.

Applications against a business or company

If your application is against a business or company, you must provide the name of the individual or company that owns the business, the registered name and address, and their ABN or ACN.  You will also need to provide NCAT with a business name or company extract.

Learn more about how to do a bus​iness or company name search.

Which order should I apply for? 

Information about the orders you can apply for is available on the application form.  Make sure your application is being made within any legislative time limits.  You may want to seek independent advice if you need help selecting the right order.

Fees and charges 

Applications must be lodged with the correct lodgement fee.  A reduced concession fee is available for eligible persons.  View our current fees and charges.

Payment methods


To lodge your application online you must pay for the application with a credit card.

By post or fax

If you are lodging your application by post or fax, please make your payment with a cheque or money order made to 'NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal' or 'NCAT'.

In person

You may lodge your application in person at any NCAT Registry Office, NSW Fair Trading or Service NSW Centre, and make your payment by cash, eftpos, credit card, cheque or money order.

Applicant's checklist 

Check that NCAT has jurisdiction to make the orders you want and that your application is being made within time limits.
If applying against a business, you may need to do a business or company name search.
Carefully specify the orders you want NCAT to make and give reasons why you think they should be made.
Do not include confidential information with your application.
Keep a copy of your application form for your own records. 
Pay the correct lodgement fee with your application.