Orders and enforcement

Consumer and Commercial Division 

After the hearing the Tribunal Member will generally make a decision and make orders.  An order is a legally enforceable direction of NCAT for a person or company to do something.  All NCAT orders are enforceable and must be complied with.

Orders and decisions 

After the hearing the parties' evidence, the Tribunal Member will make orders.  NCAT may do one of the following:

  • Make the full orders sought by the applicant.
  • Decide that only part of the applicant's claim can be made.
  • Dismiss the application.

If you do not understand the orders, in particular what you or the other party have been ordered to do and by when, ask the Tribunal Member to explain them to you.

A printed copy of the orders can be collected either immediately afterwards or they will be posted within 5 days of the hearing.

What happens if I missed the hearing?

If you were not at the hearing, enforceable orders may have been made in your absence.  If you were the applicant and you missed the hearing and the application was dismissed, you may consider lodging a fresh application.

P​​aying legal costs

Parties are generally expected to pay their own costs when running a case at NCAT. 

NCAT may award costs in special circumstances. Section 60​ of the Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2013 governs NCAT's power to award costs.​

Enforcing the order 

Decisions made by NCAT are binding and legally enforceable.  If the orders made in your favour are not complied with, there are enforcement options available.

Warrant for possession

If a tenancy has been terminated and the tenant does not vacate the premises on the due date, you can ask NCAT to provide you with a warrant for possession.  Learn more about warrants for possession.

Enforcing a money order

Call or write to NCAT and ask for a 'certified copy of the order'.  The certified copy is then taken by you to a Local Court (or District Court amounts over $100,000) for enforcement action or registered online via the NSW Online Registry.  Learn more about certified money orders.

Renewal of proceedings

If a work order (to provide goods or services) is made in your favour and the order is not complied with within the period specified by the Tribunal, you can apply to NCAT to renew proceedings. Learn more about applying for a renewal of proceedings.

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