​Residential communities

​'Residential community' is the new name for residential parks, caravan parks and manufactured home estates where people live on a permanent basis.

Under the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013, residential community owners, operators and residents can apply to NCAT to resolve a wide range of disputes. ​

How to apply

Complete the the application form and submit to NCAT with the relevant fee

For​m ​Online ​PDF ​Word
Residential communities application Apply now 131kB ​-
​Residential communities collective application ​- 133kB ​-
​Residential communities schedule of home owners ​- ​- ​54kB

Attach a company ​or business name extract​

​If you are making an application against a business or company, please attac​​h a recent ASIC company or business name extract​​ with your application. ​​

Collective applications

If at least 25% of home owners object to an increase in site fees by notice, they can make a 'collective' application to NCAT.

Compulsory mediation

The home owners must first take part​ in compulsory mediation run by NSW Fair Trading.  If the mediation fails, then they can apply to NCAT​.​

Making a collective application

A nominated representative of the home owners will need to complete the following forms:

​The notice of failed mediation issued by NSW Fair Trading must be attached​​.