Community schemes

NCAT can resolve disputes under the Community Land Management Act 1989 about community, precinct or neighbourhood schemes.

​​Before you make an application

You must first attempt mediation with NSW Fair Trading to resolve the dispute before an application can be accepted by NCAT

A community schemes application to NCAT can be made within 12 months after the mediation . Attach a copy of the letter from Fair Trading with the results of the mediation to your application form

​How to apply

Complete the relevant community schemes application form and lodge with the application fee at your nearest NCAT Registry. View the current fees and charges. 

​​Form PDF Word
Community schemes application for Adjudicator's orders
Community schemes application for interim orders​​
Community schemes application for Tribunal orders

Orders by an Adj​​​udicator

NCAT Adjudicators make orders to comply with a function under the Act or management statement. For example:

  • Repairs to association buildings
  • Enforcing restrictions on use of association property
  • Parking on association property without approval
  • Keeping pets without approval
  • Alterations to association property
  • Roadway repairs
  • Noisy residents
  • Storage and collection of garbage.
After lodging an application for Adjudicator's orders you can expect the matter to be finalised within 3 months.

How does the adjudication process work?

Applications for Adjudicator's orders are dealt with 'on the papers'. There is no hearing. 

NCAT will send a letter to all interested parties asking for submissions. The Adjudicator then looks at the application and all submissions and makes a decision.  Notice of the orders and reasons for the decision are then sent to all parties in writing.

Learn more about the adjudication process.

Hearing by the Tribunal

Some community schemes disputes are determined by the Tribunal at a hearing. For example:

  • Appeals against a decision of an Adjudicator
  • Change in unit entitlements
  • Ending the initial period of a community scheme 
  • Change the management statement
  • Invalidate resolutions made at meetings or elections
  • Change levies
  • Change amount of insurance
  • Appointment of a managing agent.

After lodging your application for Tribunal orders you can expect the first hearing within 8 weeks.