​​Conveyan​​​cing costs

NCAT can determine disputes about conveyancing costs charged by a licensed conveyancer. 

Conveyancing is the legal work involved in prepar​ing a sale contract, mortgage and other related documents when buying or selling a home, land or investment property​.

Disputes about costs charged by a solicitor should be directed to the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner.


A client, licensed conveyancer or other interested person can lodge an application to NCAT about conveyancing costs.

Form​​​​ ​PDF
Conveyancing costs notification and application form PDF icon​ 166kB

Applications to NCAT ​must be lodged with the appropriate fee. Find out our current fees and charges.

NCAT must be notified of the dispute within 60 days after the licensed conveyance​r has delivered their Bill of Costs to the client.  The application form served as both the notification of the dispute to NCAT and an application for orders.

After lodging your application to NCAT, the matter may be referred to an independent expert to resolve the dispute.  Otherwise the matter will be listed for conciliation and hearing.

Attach a company ​or business name extract​

​​​If you are making an application against a business or company, please attach a recent ASIC company or business name extract​​ with your application. ​


NCAT has jurisdiction to determine conveyancing costs disputes under the Conveyancers Licensing Act 2003.


NCAT can make the following orders about conveyancing costs:

  • An order that money be paid or refunded.
  • An order that documents in possession or control of another party be returned.
  • An order that a bill be paid or not be paid.