Agent commissions and fees

NCAT can hear and decide applications about commissions and fees charged by agents licensed under the Property, Stock and Business ​Agents Act 2002.  


Consumers can apply to NCAT to resolve a dispute about commissions or fees charged by an agent.

  Download a Commercial List Application Form [PDF, 240kB]

Applications can be lodged with the appropriate fee at any NCAT Registry Office, NSW Fair Trading or Service NSW Centre. Find out our current fees and charges.

After lodging your application with NCAT you can expect a first hearing within 6 weeks. 

Attach a company ​or business ​name extract​

If you are making an application against a business or company, please attach a recent ASIC company or business​ na​​me extract​​ with your application. ​


NCAT has jurisdiction to determine agent commission and fees disputes under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002.