Motor vehicles

​​NCAT deals with consumer claims about motor vehicles that are used primarily for private use under Part 6A of the Fair Trading Act 1987.

NCAT also deals with disputes between dealers and manufacturers about unfair motor vehicle supply contracts or unjust conduct relating to a supply contract under the Motor Dealers and Repairers Act 2013.

A ‘motor vehicle’ includes new and used cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, motorhomes and caravans.

Motor vehicle consumer claims

Motor dealer unfai​r contract disputes

Motor v​​ehicle consumer claims

Consumers with a dispute about a new or used motor vehicle purchased from a motor dealer, or repairs done to their vehicle, can lodge an application to NCAT.

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​Motor vehicle consumer claim application Lodge now 124kB

Motor vehicle consumer claims include unsatisfactory repairs and maintenance, defective or faulty used or new cars, overcharging for services and warranties. A consumer claim must be against a supplier carrying on a business and not a private person.

After lodging an application with NCAT you can expect a first hearing within 6 weeks.

Attach a company ​or business name extract​

​If you are making an application against a business or company, please attac​​h a recent ASIC company or business name extract​​ with your application. ​​

Jurisdic​​tional li​​​mits

NCAT has jurisdiction to determine motor vehicles (consumer claim) applications up to $40,000, depending on when then application was made:

  • $25,000 in respect of applications made before 1 September 2007
  • $30,000 in respect of applications made before 9 May 2014
  • $40,000 for all other applications.

When the dispute relates to the purchase of a new vehicle used for private purposes or a motor dealer unfair contract dispute, orders can be made for any sum of money.

Motor vehicles consumer claim applications must be lodged within 3 years from the date of cause of action and within 10 years from the date the go​​​ods and services were supplied

​Motor vehicle ​unfair cont​​ract disputes

​​​​Contract dispute or unjust conduct claim between a motor dealer and manufacturer can be resolved at NCAT.

Form ​Online ​PDF
​Motor vehicle unfair contract dispute application - 450kB

Parties must first attempt mediation with the NSW Small Business Commissioner and attach the certificate of unsuccessful mediation to the NCAT application.

After lodging an application with NCAT you can expect a first hearing within 6 weeks.


Fair Trading Act 1987 
Motor Dealers and Repairers Act 2013

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