Withdrawing an application​​

Consumer and Commercial Division

Withdrawing an application cancels the hearing and finalises the matter.

An applicant may wish to withdraw their application because the dispute was resolved without the need for a hearing, or the parties have found another way to deal with the dispute.

How to withdraw your application
Common questions

How to withdraw your application

Only the applicant or their representative can withdraw an application.  To request the withdrawal of your application, make your request in writing.  If there is more than one applicant, the request to withdraw must be made with the consent of all applicants.

There is no time limit for withdrawals.  However you should advise NCAT as soon as you are aware that a hearing is no longer required.

Step 1: Put your request in writing

A form is available to assist applicants withdraw their application.

PDF icon  Request for withdrawal of application form [PDF, 141kB]

When making a written request for the withdrawal of your application, please include the following information:

  • Your file number (for example, RT14/56789)
  • The hearing date and venue (if applicable)
  • Your name 
  • Your telephone and email contact details
  • Specify whether you have notified the respondent of your intention to withdraw your application
  • Sign the withdrawal request. 

Step 2: Send your request in person, by post, or fax

Send your request to withdraw your application in writing, addressed to NCAT. Including written consent where multiple applicants are involved. The contact details for the Registry office managing your application appears on the bottom of the Notice of Hearing. 

Step 3: Receive NCAT orders confirming withdrawal of application

Once the NCAT Registry has received your request to withdraw the application, a Notice of Order will be sent to all parties advising them that the application has been withdrawn.  You will not be required to attend the hearing.

Common questions

If I withdraw my application, will I get my money back?

No. The NCAT application fee is not a hearing or listing fee.  It is a filing fee and is not refunded when an application is withdrawn.

Can I withdraw my application over the phone?

No.  You must send a written and signed request.  This may be posted or faxed to the NCAT Registry.

The applicant told me they have withdrawn their application.  What happens now?

You will receive a notice of order from NCAT stating that the application is withdrawn.  If you do not receive a notice from NCAT you must assume that the hearing will still be going ahead.

Can I withdrawn the application on behalf of all the applicants?

If there is more than one applicant, all must confirm their agreement in writing to withdraw the application.

What happens to the rental bond when the application is withdrawn?

When a rental bond application is received by NCAT, the Rental Bond Board is notified that there is an application currently before NCAT for determination.  The bond is retained by the Rental Bond Board until they are provided with a copy of NCAT's final order.  If the application is withdrawn, NCAT provides them with a copy of the withdrawal orders and the rental bond is then released as per the original claim form.