Urgent applications​

Consumer and Commercial Division

If your dispute is about an urgent issue, NCAT can arrange for an urgent hearing of your application. 

An ‘urgent issue’ is where there is a real or perceived threat of damage or injury to person or property, health and safety issues, or where parties will suffer severe personal or financial hardship. 

Examples of urgent situations include:

  • A lockout from a rented premises
  • A threat of damage or injury to person or property
  • Health and safety issues
  • Severe personal or financial hardship. 

If granted, an urgent hearing of the application will be listed within 1 to 7 days depending upon the urgency.

How do I make an urgent application?

A request for an urgent hearing must be made in writing.

Clearly mark your application form 'URGENT' and attach a written letter setting out in detail your reasons for requesting an urgent hearing.  Your reasons will determine whether the matter is considered to be urgent.

Urgent applications cannot be lodged using the NCAT Online application service.

Attach all supporting documents with your urgent application.  This may include an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) or police report, medical certificate, correspondence from creditors or mortgage providers, or a written statement from a witness.

For further information about making an urgent application, contact the NCAT Registry during business hours on 1300 006 228.

Strata and community schemes interim orders

For urgent strata schemes and community schemes applications, you can apply to NCAT for an 'interim order'.

Complete the separate interim order form and lodge with your application form.