Common questions - Applications​

Consumer and Commercial Division 

The following are some common questions and answers about applications made to the Consumer and Commercial Division of NCAT.  This information is provided as a general guide and should not be treated as legal advice or relied upon as such.

Why can't I download or open the forms?

You may be trying to download or open forms using an older version of Acrobat Reader.  To open and complete our fillable PDF forms you need to use Acrobat Reader version 9 (or a later version).  You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader software from the Adobe website.

Can I submit my application form by email?

No. NCAT's Consumer and Commercial Division cannot accept emailed applications. Consider lodging your application online​. Otherwise print and sign the completed form, and post or submit in person together with any supporting documents.

How much does ​​it cost to apply?

Application fees vary depending on the matter type and the amount in dispute.  View the current fees and charges schedule.  If you are a pensioner or student, or if you are receiving legal aid or assistance from a community legal centre, you may be eligible to pay the concession fee.

How can I get an​​​ urgent hearing?

Urgent hearings are only granted under exceptional circumstances.  This generally refers to cases where there is a threat to personal safety or property, or where there is significant hardship. Learn more about urgent applications.

Can I cancel my​​ application?

Yes, this is called withdrawing an application.  An applicant can withdraw their application at any time by notifying NCAT in writing.  You should also notify the other person that you have withdrawn your application.  Learn more about withdrawing an application.

If I withdraw my application, will I get my money back?

No.  NCAT's application fee is not a hearing or listing fee.  It is a filing fee and is not refunded when an application is withdrawn.