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NCAT has made changes to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Before attending NCAT, read this important information about temporary changes to NCAT operations

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Application forms

NCAT forms are all available in PDF-fillable format. Online lodgement is only available for certain application types.

You may be required to pay a fee when you file an application or use registry services. View the current fees and charges.

Forms by NCAT Division

Forms by case type

Dividing fences

General consumer and commercial



Financial management

Enduring guardianship and enduring power of attorney

Consent to treatment and clinical trials

Health Professional Reports

Other forms

Home building

Professional discipline



Social housing

Boarding houses

​​​​Residential communities​​​

Retirement​ villages

Retail leases​

Strata and community schemes

​Other forms

​Fees and payments

​View the current fees and charges. Learn more about exemptions, reduced fees and fee waivers​.

​Appeals, set​​ aside and reinstatement

​Learn more about how to appeal an NCAT decision and applying to set aside or vary decision.

Legal representation



​Learn more about applying for a summons​.

Warrant for possession

Miscellaneous matters

Renewal of proceedings

Sound recording and transcripts

Learn more about requesting a sound recording or transcript.

​​Feedback and complaints

Learn more about feedback and complaints​.

Urgent applications

NCAT can arrange for an urgent hearing of your application if needed. Contact NCAT on 1300 006 228 to discuss your options if you believe your situation requires an urgent hearing.

Note: Urgent applications cannot be lodged using NCAT On​line.

Completing PDF-fillable forms

Before completing a PDF-fillable form, save the form to your computer and then open with a PDF file viewer.  Do not complete the form online within your browser as data will not save.  Download the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.