Case types

NCAT deals with a broad and diverse range of cases. Select from the following case types to find out how NCAT can resolve your issue or dispute.

Administrative review

Review of administrative decisions made by a government agency.

Review of occupational licensing decisions made by a government agency. Includes licences for taxi drivers, vehicle operators, security guards, builders, agents, motor dealers, repairers and conveyancers.


Discrimination, harassment or vilification complaints that have been referred by the Anti-Discrimination Board.

Consumers and traders

Consumer claims complaints about a business or company that provides goods or services.

Motor vehicles consumer complaints about motor vehicle repairs, or purchasing a new or used car from a dealer.

Home building disputes about residential building work up to the value of $500,000.

Holiday parks disputes about long-term renting of a caravan park site used for occasional recreational use.

Redetermination of consumer guarantee directions made by NSW Fair Trading.


Agent commissions or fees disputes about commissions, fees or  other expenses charged by an agent.

Agricultural tenancy disputes about farms rented for agricultural purposes.

Conveyancing costs disputes about costs charged by a licensed conveyancer.

Retail lease disputes about renting a commercial premises to operate a retail shop.

Pawnbrokers and second-hand dealer disputes about identified stolen goods.

Dividing fences

Dividing fence disputes between neighbours about a fence or proposed fence between properties.


Appointment of a guardian or financial manager and other applications about people with a decision-making disability.

Professional discipline

Professional discipline of lawyers, veterinarians, architects, builders, and health professionals.


Tenancy disputes between tenants and landlords relating to renting a house, unit or flat.

Social housing disputes about living in public housing, community housing, Aboriginal housing or co-operative housing.

Residential community disputes about living in a residential land lease community.

Retirement villages disputes between residents and operators about retirement village living.

Boarding houses disputes between boarding house residents and proprietors.

Strata and community schemes

Strata disputes about living in a strata scheme. Includes disputes about by-laws, use of common property, appointing a strata managing agent, and unit entitlements.

Community schemes disputes  about living in a community or neighbourhood scheme.

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