Credit card surcharge

Surcharges apply to credit cards payments to NCAT. Surcharges also apply to online payments made using a debit card.

Surcharge rates

​​Card type Surcharge percentage
American Express1.4%
Diners Club1.5%

A surcharge is not payable for other methods of payment. These include cheque, money order, EFTPOS and cash payments.

How much extra will I need to pay?

Use the following method to calculate the total amount payable when using a credit card including the surcharge.

  • Visa and Mastercard - multiply the fee amount by 1.004
  • American Express - multiply the fee amount by 1.014
  • Diners Club - multiply the fee amount by 1.015

Why is there a surcharge?

Government agencies incur merchant interchange fees when credit card payments accepted from the public or customers. All NSW Government agencies are required to impose surcharges to recoup the merchant interchange fees. Surcharge rates are based on cost-recovery only.

View NSW Treasury Circular NSWTC 12/13 - Agency recouping of merchant interchange fees.