Making an​ application

You can apply to NCAT to make certain decisions, review decisions or​ resolve a dispute.

The application process can vary for different types of applications. Time limits may ​​​also apply. Check your case type​ for specific information about your application​.

Can NCAT deal with my case?

View all case types​ dealt with by NCAT. Learn more by choosing the case type that best describes your dispute or issue.

​​​​Downl​oad an application form    

All NCAT application forms are available for download in PDF-fillable format. 

​Apply online

You can apply online for the following case types:

  • Tenancy
  • Social housing
  • Consumer claims (General)
  • Motor vehicles
  • Home building
  • Residential communities

View our fees and charges

View NCAT's current fees and charges for lodging an application. Reduced concession fees are available for eligible persons.



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Tenancy disputes

Consumer claims

Interstate parties?

Do the parties in your dispute live in different States? Find out if your matter is affected by federal diversity jursidiction