NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)


New NCAT videos launchedNCAT Videos

Announcement - 14 September 2016

The NSW Attorney General today launched a series of educational videos that deal with common matters brought to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

Read the Attorney General's media release ' New online videos shed light on NCAT process'​

The videos feature dramatised scenarios of the common types of cases heard at NCAT:

  • Tenant with outstanding rent due
  • Appointment of a guardian and financial manager for a person with a decision-making disability
  • Problems with residential home building work, and
  • Review of a government agency's decision.

The videos explain how an application is made, preparing for the hearing, what happens at the hearing and the Tribunal's decision process.

People are encouraged to watch the videos when preparing for a Tribunal hearing, especially those who are representing themselves.

NCAT's new videos are captioned and are available in English, Mandarin, Arabic, Greek, and Vietnamese.

To view the new videos, visit the NCAT​​ website​ or NSW Justice YouTube Channel .