NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)


NCAT and the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Announcement - 8 July 2016

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is being rolled out across Australia from 1 July 2016​.

The NDIS is th​e new way of providing individualised support for people with a permanent and significant disability. NDIS participants, their families and carers, will be provided with the reasonable and necessary support they need to live an ordinary life.

More information about NDIS and the rollout is available on the NDIS website​.

How is NCAT i​nvolved?

NCAT’s Guardianship Division makes Orders appointing substitute decision makers for adults with a decision making disability - guardians for personal decisions and financial managers for financial decisions. If someone thinks a substitute decision-maker is needed because of the NDIS, they can apply to the Division for an Order. The Division will decide whether the adult needs a guardian or financial manager to make decisions for them. Before making an Order, the Division will look at whether there are any available alternatives such as the appointment of a nominee under the NDIS to make decisions.

The Consumer and Commercial Division deals with everyday disputes that may affect NDIS participants such as tenancy and other issues relating to residential property, and the supply of goods and services​ by NDIS registered providers.

Update​d forms

In preparation for the NDIS rollout, NCAT updated the following application forms:​

  • ​Appointment of a financial​ manager and/or guardian
  • Request to review a guardianship order
  • Consumer claim a​pplication about goods and services
  • Motor vehicles consumer claim application
  • Home building application

Other NCAT application forms will be amended over the coming months to include the new NDIS information.