NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)


​Secu​​​rity upd​ate for NCAT Online

Announcement - 9 February​ 2016

A security update will soon be made to the NCAT Online​ application lodgement website wit​h the latest encryption standards.

Cu​stomers using the most recent v​ersion of their browsers will not be impacted by this change (e.g. Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox).

S​ome older browsers may not be able to access NCAT Online after 31 March 2016.​

Check ​​​your browser compatibility

Use the browser compatibility test to check that your internet browser version is compatible with the security update.

From 31 March 2016​ the use of TLS v1.0 and v1.1 will be disabled for all connections to the NCAT website.  These changes align with best practice and latest compliance requirements from the PCI Security Standards Council.​

You may have trouble accessing the NCAT Online website if:

  • ​​You are not using a supported internet browser
  • You are not running an updated version of your browser
  • Your browser has disabled the supported encryption​​ protocols.

Learn more about NCAT Online browser requirements.