Privacy of personal information

NCAT reviews conduct by a government agency where an applicant alleges that there has been:

  • a contravention of the Information Protection Principles under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998
  • a contravention of the Health Privacy Principles under the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002
  • a contravention of a Code of Practice that applies to the agency
  • disclosure of personal information that is kept in a public register.

NCAT can also hold an inquiry into a complaint about a private sector person but only if you have first complained to the Privacy Commissioner and a report has been prepared.

If you apply to NCAT, your name will not be used in any public document created by NCAT. That includes the daily hearing list and the published reasons for decision. Instead you will be referred to by some initials so that your privacy is maintained. For more information read Guideline - Confidentiality, privacy and publication [PDF ​58​kB].

More information

For more information about applying to the Tribunal for a review of conduct by a government agency, see Steps in a privacy matter

If you want the Tribunal to hold an inquiry into a complaint about a private sector person, you should complete a General application form [PDF 58kB].