Access to government information

NCAT reviews decisions made by a government agency or department about whether to release information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act).  Before the law changed these were known as Freedom of Information requests.

Under the GIPA Act, the public has a right to access government information which is held in written form or electronically. One way of accessing government information is to formally apply to the agency that holds the information.

The agency is not obliged to give access to the information if there is an overriding public interest against disclosure of the information or if dealing with the application would be unreasonably expensive or time consuming.

If you do not agree with a decision under the GIPA Act, you can also ask the NSW Information Commissioner to review the decision.

More information

For more information about access to government information cases, see Steps in an access to government information case. 

You should have received a letter by the government department or agency telling you of your right to have the decision reviewed by NCAT.

If you are unsure whether NCAT can deal with you matter, please seek legal advice or check the GIPA Act​.