NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

​Sound recording and transcripts

Parties to NCAT proceedings or their legal representatives can request a copy of the sound recording.​​

Sound recordings are available for most NCAT proceedings. Exceptions are conciliations and mediations which are generally confidential and not recorded.​

Generally NCAT does not prepare transcripts of its hearings. Parties must make arrangements directly with a transcription service. Exceptions apply for certain matters.

Request a sound recording

To request a copy of the sound recording of NCAT proceedings you must complete the following request form and pay the fee.

Form​ ​PDF​​
​Request for sound recording


​To order a transcript, you must purchase a copy of the sound recording and make your own arrangements with a transcription service.

Finding a transcription service

There are many transcription services available in NSW.  Enter 'legal transcription service nsw​' into your web search engine to locate a service near you.​

Exceptions for certain matters

Transcripts are only available for certain matters where:  

  • The matter was heard by NCAT's Administrative and Equal Opportunity Division, Occupational Division or Appeal Panel.
  • A transcript has already been prepared at the request of a Member, or 
  • Part of the proceedings were heard in confidential session and no sound recording is available. A transcript of the public part of the hearing can be ordered.​​

Sound recording and transcripts  

​Copyright of sound recordings and transcripts

Sound recordings and transcripts are subject to Crown Copyright and should not be copied, published or uploaded to any website or social media platform. Visit NSW Justice's Co​pyright page for more information. ​