How to resolve your matter​

Consumer and Commercial Division 

The following​​ information outlines the key steps in the dispute resolution process​ used​ in NCAT's Consumer and Commercial Division. 

1. Applying to N​​CAT

Ho​w to lodge an application to NCAT and information on finding the correct details for the respondent.

2. Being a respo​​​ndent

Info​​​rmation for those who are named as a respondent, and the steps they can take.

3. Receivi​​ng t​​he notice

Issues to consider when you receive the 'Notice of Hearing'.

4. Preparing ​​for he​aring

What you will need to organise before the hearing day.​ 

5. Con​​ci​​​liation

Overview of conciliation and tips on how to best participate in the conciliation process.

6. The h​​​​earing

What to expect in the hearing room and how to present your case.

7. Orders and enforc​ement

Information about NCAT orders and how they can be enforced.


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