Consumer and Commercial Division

An adjournment is when a hearing is moved to another day.  If you want the hearing adjourned, you must write to NCAT explaining why you cannot be there.  Work and training commitments are not acceptable reasons for an adjournment.

Adjournment requests should be made at least 5 working days before the hearing.  Otherwise, the adjournment request may be considered at the hearing.

If NCAT does not tell you that an adjournment has been granted you must attend the hearing.  Otherwise the hearing may go ahead in your absence.

Making an adjournment request

A request for an adjournment must be sent to NCAT in writing as soon as possible before the hearing and can be emailed. Your request for adjournment should include:

  • the file number on your hearing notice
  • the time and date of the hearing
  • the daytime phone number of both parties
  • the time and dates of when you are available to appear
  • the reason why an adjournment is necessary
    • If travelling, include a copy of ticket/s and itinerary 
    • If unable to attend due to illness or other medical reason, provide medical certificate.
    • Certificates must be specific and clearly state:
      • the person is unable to attend the hearing and indicate nature of illness or other medical reason why this prevents the person attending. 
      • a certificate that only says a person is not fit for work is not sufficient.

You should try to get the other party's written consent.  Without their consent the matter will only be adjourned in exceptional circumstances.

Important:  If NCAT does not contact you and confirm the adjournment, you should assume that the hearing is going to be heard on the listed hearing day.