Consumer and Commercial Division

NCAT Consumer and Commercial Division forms are available in PDF-fillable format.  Applications are listed below according to the nature of the dispute.

You may be required to pay a fee when you file an application or use certain registry services. View the current fees and charges.

Application forms

Warrant for possession forms

Other forms​​

Application forms

Form PDF Word Online
Boarding houses application 111kB84kB -
Commercial List application
(includes agents fees and commissions, and agricultural tenancy matters)
176kB- -
​Community schemes application for Adjudicator's order153kB80kB​​-
​Community schemes application for interim orders93kB​-
​Community schemes application for Tribunal orders​-
Consumer claim (General) application 128kB 84kB Apply now
Conveyancing costs application 94kB- -
Dividing fences application - -
Holiday parks (long-term casual occupation) application 78kB- -
Home building application 84kB Apply now
Motor vehicles consumer claim application 83kB Apply now
Motor vehicles motor dealer unfair contracts application - -
Pawnbrokers and second-hand dealers application 177kB- -
Renewal of proceedings application 204kB- -
Rental bond application 103kB
Apply now
Residential communities application 170kB Apply now
Residential communities collective application -
Residential communities schedule of home owners - -
Retail leases original decision application - -
Retail leases interim order application 197kB- -
Retirement villages application 260kB- -
Social housing application 191kB 98kB Apply now
​Strata application238kB99kB​-
​Strata interim orders application169kB79kB​-
Tenancy application 191kB 101kB Apply now
Termination and possession application155kB
- Apply now

Warrant for possession forms

Form PDF Word
Tenancy warrant for possession form 54B
Co-tenancy warrant for termination form 54kB
Villages and parks warrant for possession form


Other forms

Form PDF Word
Withdrawal of application 61kB 68kB
Tenancy hearing notes 93kB
Scott Schedule - Defective workmanship or materials 68kB221kB
Scott Schedule - Extras claims 70kB 219kB
Request for sound recording97kB89kB
Credit card payment authority 10kB -
NSW Statutory Declaration 8kB  36kB


Visit the Summons page for access to summons forms and detailed information about applying for the issue of a summons.

Appeals and Set Aside

Visit the Appeals page for access to appeal forms and detailed information on appealing a decision to the NCAT Internal Appeal Panel.

Visit the Set aside or vary decision page for access to forms and information about to applying to set aside or vary (change) a Tribunal decision.  ​​

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