​How to make a payment

Payment of fees for lodging an application or appeal to NCAT, or for other NCAT services can be made by the following methods. 

​​​​​Credit card

A Credit card payment authority [PDF 110kB] is available for the payment of all NCAT applications and services by credit card. Complete the authority form and attach with your application or request form. The credit card payment authority will be destroyed after payment is processed.

Payment for online applications is made using credit card only.

Credit card surcharge

Application fees and charges paid by credit card have a surcharge added to the payment amount. Learn more about the credit card surcharge.

Cheque or money order

Attach a cheque or money order to your application made payable to 'NSW Civil and Administration Tribunal' or 'NCAT'.

In person

Cash, credit card and eftpos payment can be made in person at your nearest NCAT Registry.