Fees and charges

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) schedule of fees and charges for the filing of applications, appeals and other services.

NCAT's fees and charges are prescribed under the Civil and Administrative Tribunal Regulation 2013. Find out how to make a payment

Lodgement of applications

Matter type Standard fee Corporation fee1 ​Reduced or concession fee2
​Guardianship proceedings​No fee payable​No fee payable​No fee payable
​Residential proceedings3​$47 ​$94 ​$5

​Strata proceedings

  • Application for Tribunal orders
​$97 ​$194​$5
  • ​Application for Adjudicator orders
  • ​Application for interim orders
  • ​Application for Adjudicator and interim orders when lodged at same time under Community Land Management Act 1989

​General consumer or commercial proceedings4

If amount claimed is:

  • $10,000 or less or no amount claimed 
  • ​More than $10,000 and not more than $30,000
​$97​$194 ​$5
  • ​More than $30,000
​$252​$504 ​$5
​Decision under Retail Leases Act 1994​$96​$192 ​$5
​Other proceedings:
  • Required to be determined in a Division by 2 or more Division members
​$201​$402 ​$50
  • ​In any other case
​$96 ​$192 ​$25 
​Administrative review application:
  • Required to be determined by 2 or more members
​$201​na ​$50 
  • ​In any other case
​$96​na ​$25 

1 Corporation fee - Corporations that lodge an application with the incorrect fee will be contacted and will be required to pay the correct fee.

2 Reduced or concession fee applies to applications lodged by the following eligible persons: A person who receives a pension, benefit or allowance under Chapter 2 of the Social Security Act 1991; a person who receives a service pension under Part III of the Veterans Entitlements Act 1986; or a person in receipt of a grant of legal aid or assistance from a community legal centre.

3 Residential proceedings include matters about tenancy, social housing, residential communities, retirement villages and boarding houses.

4 General consumer or commercial proceedings include matters about agent commissions and fees, agricultural tenancy, consumer claims, conveyancing costs, dividing fences, holiday parks, home building, motor vehicles, pawnbrokers and second-hand dealers and Travel Compensation Fund appeals.

Lodgement of appeals

Matter type Standard fee Corporation fee1

Reduced  or
concession fee2

External appeal:
•   Required to be determined by an Appeal Panel
$396 $792 $25 
•   Required to be determined in a Division by 2 or more Division members $201 $402 $50 

•   Strata

$96 $192 $5
•   In any other case $96 $192 $25 
Internal appeal $396 $792 $100
Set aside or vary decision $97 $194 $25

Other services

Service Fee
Issue of a summons (for production of or to give evidence, or both) $43
Supply of sound recording or transcripts Full cost
Request for the production to Tribunal of documents held by court $50
Retrieval of any document or file from archives $76
Provision of copy or certified copy of decision or written reasons $76
Request by a non-party to inspect public access documents $40#
Photocopying of documents where requesting party makes the copies $0.50 per sheet
Photocopying of documents where a Tribunal staff member makes the copies $2 per sheet
Fees for any other service provided $40

# Payment of fee is applicable per finalised matter. Fee is for inspection only and is payable in addition to any charges for the photocopying of documents.

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