NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

​Updated 'Enforcing orders' fact sheet

Announcement - 13 October 2015

NCAT has revised its 'Enforcing orders' fact sheet with up-to-date information about how certified money orders are enforced through the Local Court.

 Enforcing orders fact sheet [PDF, 99kB] 

This updated publication also incorporates NCAT's new fact sheet design which will be rolled out across all NCAT fact sheets and publications over the coming months.

Enforcing money orders

To enforce a Tribunal order for the payment of money, parties can request a certified copy of the order. 

Parties then register the certified money order online via the NSW Online Registry website or take it to a Local Court (or District Court for amounts over $100,000) where it is registered as a judgment for a debt by the Court.​