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​NCAT Internal Appeals forms and guideline released

Announcement - 1 September 2015

NCAT has released new and updated forms for Internal Appeals and an updated Guideline on Internal Appeals.

Internal Appeal Forms

The 'Notice of Appeal' and 'Reply to Appeal' forms have been extensively reviewed and updated.

In addition there is a new 'Application for stay of original decision pending appeal' form for appellants seeking a stay of orders when lodging a notice of appeal.

All appeals forms are now available in easy to complete PDF-fillable and Word accessible formats.

​Notice of AppealPDF 107kBWord 164kB
​Reply to AppealPDF 102kB​Word 70kB
​Stay of original decision pending appealPDF 62kBWord 64kB

Internal Appeal Guideline

NCAT's Guideline on Internal Appeals has been updated with new information about applications for stay of the decision subject of the appeal. The Guideline now also includes hyperlinks for easy access to relevant forms and other information.

The Guideline provides information and explains the steps to be followed if a party wishes to appeal from a decision to the NCAT Internal Appeal Panel.

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