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​Updated Guardianship Division forms and fact sheets

Announcement - 19 June 2015

The Courts and Crimes Legislation Amendment Act 2015  commenced on 15 May 2015 and included amendments to legislation affecting the operation of NCAT’s Guardianship Division. 

The following Guardianship Division forms and fact sheets have been updated to reflect these recent legislative changes (see summary below).

Guardianship Division Forms 

Guardianship Division Fact Sheets

Summary of legislative changes

The changes include:

  • Leave can be granted to a particular or any Australian legal representative to represent a person and leave can be revoked (this provision applies to all NCAT Divisions).
  • Enduring guardians are parties to guardianship applications and reviews of guardianship orders.
  • Attorneys are parties to reviews of financial management orders.
  • Clarification that the person who is the subject of the application may apply for a financial management order.
  • In reviewing a financial management order, the Tribunal may review the appointment of a financial manager.
  • An application to vary a financial management order can include excluding or removing from exclusion part of the estate.
  • The appointment of a financial manager may be reviewed within a time specified in the order of the Tribunal.
  • Alternate enduring guardians are now called substitute enduring guardians.

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