NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)


​​Courts and C​​rimes Legislation Amendment Act 2015

Announcement - 28 May 2015

The Courts and Crimes Legislation Amendment Act 2015 was recently passed by the NSW Parliament and received assent on 15 May ​2015.

The Act amended the following legislation relevant to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

  • Children and Young Persons​ (Care and Protection) Act 1998 to allow only risk of harm reports to be admitted into evidence ​in certain NCAT proceedings (Guardianship and Victims Compensation).  This remedies a drafting omission during NCAT's establishment.
  • Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2013​ to allow leave to be granted for a person to be represented by an Australian legal practitioner without a particular practitioner being identified; to clarify that NCAT may revoke certain orders that it has made regarding the representation of a party or person; to replace references to the 'Health Practitioner Division List' with 'Health Practitioner List'; and permit Senior (Professional) Members of the Guardianship Division to sit on appeals from the Guardianship Division.
  • Water Ac​t 1912 to reflect that NCAT is the relevant responsible tribunal.
  • Guardianship Act 1987 to make a number of amendments to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of NCAT and to provide clarity to the public about substitute enduring guardians.
  • District Court Act 1973​ to allow retired judges of the Family Court of Australia to be appointed as acting judges of the District Court after they reach the statutory age of retirement and other amendments relating to acting judges.
All relevant NCAT publications and resources affected by the legislative amendments will be updated shortly.

More information

Visit the NSW Parliament website for further information about the Courts and Crimes Legislation Amen​dment Bill ​2015​