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Other reviews or appeals about government agency decisions

Administrative and Equal Opportunity Division

There are a number of other decisions that can be reviewed by NCAT. NCAT can only review decisions which are specified in the legislation under which the decision is made. 

If you do not agree with a decision made by a NSW government agency you may be able to get the decision reviewed by NCAT. This includes decisions made by the NSW Trustee and Guardian and Public Guardian.

The government agency that made the decision will tell you if your decision can be reviewed. If you are unsure whether NCAT can review the decision see the list ​of A​cts which gives NCAT jurisdiction.

For more information see the Steps in an administrative review matter.

Land Matters

NCAT's Administrative and Equal Opportunity Division can review some other government agency decisions about land under the following Acts.

If your land matter is about a dividing fence it will be dealt with in the Consumer and Commercial Division of NCAT.

Agricultural Industry Services Act 1998
Australian Oil Refining Agreements Act 1954
Commons Management Act 1989
Crown Lands Act 1989​
Crown Lands (Continued Tenures) Act 1989
Hay Irrigation Act 1902
Local Lands Services Act 2013
Port Kembla Inner Harbour Construction and Agreement Ratification Act 1955
Water Act 1912
Wentworth Irrigation Act 1890
Western Lands Act 1901