Administrative & Equal Opportunity Division

NCAT's Administrative and Equal Opportunity Division reviews administrative decisions made by NSW Government agencies and resolves discrimination matters.

Review of administrative decisions

NCAT can review decisions made by NSW Government agencies, including decisions about:

  • access to information held by government
  • use of and access to personal information held by government
  • firearms licences
  • guardianship and financial management
  • administrative decisions made in the community services sector      
  • review of various State taxation decisions.

Discrimination matters

NCAT is responsible for providing services to resolve complaints referred to it by the President of the Anti-Discrimination Board. These complaints are about alleged breaches of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977. They relate to discrimination, harassment, victimisation and vilification.

Other functions include:

  • deciding whether to give permission for a complaint to go ahead after it has been declined by the President of the Anti-Discrimination Board
  • deciding whether to register a conciliation agreement made at the Anti-Discrimination Board so it can be enforced
  • reviewing a decision of the President of the Anti-Discrimination Board relating to an application for exemption from the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977.